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Global M&A Trends Report

How is the M&A market changing in Poland and around the world? Find out in this year’s report from Lex Mundi

The world entered the new year in an atmosphere of rising political and economic instability caused by trade wars, Brexit, nationalism, and many other factors. From the perspective of mergers and acquisitions—domestic and cross-border—this raises many questions about how the dynamic environment will impact projects planned or already underway. Political interventionism, increased regulatory pressure, and restrictions on foreign investments can affect valuations, risk evaluation, and anticipated post-transaction synergies.

What impact will all of this have on the M&A market globally and nationally? What threats and challenges face entities operating on this market—companies, investors and advisers?

Answers to these questions are sought by the authors of the newly published report “Global M&A Trends Report,” which as in prior years was developed through cooperation among law firms all over the world who are members of Lex Mundi. Wardyński & Partners also contributed to this year’s report.