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About us

About our portal

“In Principle” is a portal about law—for business but not only. We discuss complicated legal issues in a way that is clear and accessible.

We write about interesting rulings by Polish and EU courts, changes in regulations proposed or already enacted, and the nuances of the law which can have a major impact on business.

The portal “In Principle” was created through a merger of the firm’s Litigation Portal (operating since 2008) and the Transactions Portal (established in 2012). In building the combined new site, we put particular emphasis on allowing you, our readers, to find the information you need easily and quickly.

Why “In Principle”?

Every lawyer knows hundreds of rules, but also knows dozens of exceptions to each one of them. So when a generally worded question is put to a lawyer whether in a given situation it is permissible to act in a certain way, the answer will often be, “In principle it is”—bearing in mind the specific instances when indeed it is not (and vice versa).

Clients sometimes hold it against lawyers that they hide behind the phrase “In principle…,” “As a rule…,” or other such formulations. Admittedly such phrases appear to be among the most commonly used in legal texts. The reason they are used, however, is not that the lawyer is trying to dodge a direct question by giving an equivocal answer, but because of the penumbra of nuances mentioned above that cloaks the crisp wording of the regulations.

By selecting the name we have chosen for our legal portal, we wanted to let our readers know that we are fully aware of the popular disdain for legal jargon. We strive to avoid it whenever possible. But in seeking simplicity, we must avoid the risk of imprecision. That is why you will find the phrase “In principle” in the name of our portal—and from time to time, we are confident, also in the content.


All materials on this website are provided for information only and may not be construed as legal advice, or as Wardyński & Partners’ commitment to provide any services of legal assistance. Although it has undertaken its best efforts, Wardyński & Partners will not be liable for any statement contained in this site, and does not warrant the accuracy, effectiveness or usefulness of any legal information contained therein. In order to obtain legal assistance, visitors to this site should secure individual and specific legal advice.


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