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Creditor Protection—a new vortal

With creditors in mind, we have launched a new special-interest service on our website, Creditor Protection, devoted entirely to what creditors can do when debtors unlawfully evade payment of their debts or performance of other obligations.

The longer you keep someone else’s money, the more you consider it yours, the harder it is to part with it, and the more you hate the person you have to repay it to.

Unfortunately, this aphorism perfectly reflects the situation in Poland. For the last 20 years, we have dealt with cases of creditors affected by various forms of disloyalty or even dishonesty on the part of debtors. And we can now state with conviction that creditors in Poland are in the worst situation in years. We are not alone in this view: similar conclusions can be drawn from a report last year from Polish Confederation Lewiatan and a report this year by the Polish Bank Association. Debtors have fewer and fewer scruples about evading their obligations, and even exhibit aggressive behaviour towards creditors.

With creditors in mind, based on our many years of experience, observations and thoughts, we are launching a vortal (special-interest portal) on the In Principle website, presenting legal instruments useful in the fight against dishonest debtors.

We devote much space to fraudulent transfer claims against third parties, a basic instrument for creditor protection when debtors strip out their assets.

We write about how to protect the real performance of a contract when threatened by a debtor’s subterfuge.

We discuss additional civil and criminal creditor protection instruments, including the ability to seek damages from accomplices, abettors, and persons who knowingly benefited from the injury to the creditor.

We explain why and how a creditor should get involved in inheritance cases involving debtors. We write about interim relief and enforcement.

We also publish interviews with private investigators who help to identify and locate assets concealed by debtors and with experts in other fields whose insights may be useful to creditors.

We invite you to visit the vortal at

Jan Ciećwierz, adwokat, Adam Studziński, adwokat, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration practice, Wardyński & Partners