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Welcome to our new portal

The portal “In Principle”—created through the merger of the Litigation Portal and the Transactions Portal—is designed for managers and lawyers. We write simply about complex legal issues affecting business.

Here you will find, as before, articles devoted to legal issues of interest to businesspeople.

When building the new site, we made it easier to search for content. The articles published previously in the Litigation Portal or Transactions Portal were categorised by topic so that you can easily find the texts you want to read about the specific topic of interest to you.

You will also find guides to legal proceedings and M&A transactions in Poland, as well as publications devoted to specific legal issues. As before, we will continue to discuss selected changes in law and the most interesting new rulings handed down by Polish and EU courts. New articles will be published at least once a week.

Realising how a consistent and coherent structure promotes the reader’s understanding of the content, we have also placed great emphasis on the graphics of the portal. In this respect, we hope our site follows in the finest traditions of publishing.

We are interested in your impressions. We encourage you to contact us at redakcja@wardynski.com.pl and invite you to read and follow “In Principle.”