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Under the spreading Euroleaf

The long-awaited new EU logo for ecological products has now appeared. From 1 July 2010, producers are required to use the logo on all products marketed as “organic.”

The Euroleaf symbol is in the form of a leaf outlined in stars borrowed from the EU emblem. Producers are required to use the logo to mark all food products whose packaging contains any indication that they were produced using “organic” methods or have “eco,” “bio” or similar qualities.
Before using the emblem, it must be determined that the given product was in fact produced in compliance with rules for organic production set forth in EU regulations. Items that may be classified as “organic” include agricultural, animal or aquaculture products, and even fodder or seaweed, but not wild, unfarmed fish or game.
Use of the Euroleaf is mandatory for products that have undergone the final stage of production in the European Union. The Euroleaf may be used for products imported from outside the EU only if produced in accordance with rules comparable to EU rules for organic production.
While introducing the Euroleaf, the EU does not intend to stifle producers’ competitive marketing initiatives. The Euroleaf may thus be used in conjunction with other symbols reflecting participation in voluntary labelling programs within the EU. However, in order to assure that consumers receive accurate information, such programs require approval by national authorities.