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Legal Hackathon 2024 is coming soon

This year’s three-day programming marathon will be held under the theme “AI to spur legal innovation.” Participants will look for innovative solutions to help revolutionise lawyers’ work, client relations, and access to justice. Our In Principle portal is a media partner of the event.

This is the sixth Legal Hackathon in Poland. In this edition, the challenges will revolve broadly around artificial intelligence. The participants will be combined into interdisciplinary teams, fostering the creative process and building a new perspective. In their work, they will enjoy the support of 20 mentors—experts in law, technology and innovation, developers and LegalTech enthusiasts. One of them will be Krzysztof Wojdyło from the New Technology practice at Wardyński & Partners. He will also serve as a juror in the hackathon.

The first day of the event is the conceptual phase and time for team formation. On the second day, the participants will work on a preliminary model or prototype of the solution that they will present to the jury on the third day.

This way, the lawyers will be able to verify how their innovative ideas stand up to the clash with available technology and market assessment, while the IT specialists will be able to test under the guidance of experts whether they can translate specific business requirements into prototypes of functional solutions in a short time.

The organisers invite lawyers, programmers, business development specialists, graphic designers, project managers, business analysts, UX designers and other specialists to participate in the hackathon. This year the grand prize is PLN 20,000.

The event will take place 8–10 March 2024 in Warsaw. The organiser is Wolters Kluwer Polska.

Event page and registration: Legal Hackathon 2024 – Wolters Kluwer Polska | Wolters Kluwer