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Comparative study of food supplement regulations

The Life Sciences Practice Group of the Lex Mundi network, led by Dr Ewa Butkiewicz, a partner at Wardyński & Partners, has published a survey of legal regulations concerning food supplements.

The newly established Life Sciences Practice Group of the Lex Mundi network has developed a questionnaire concerning food supplement regulations. So far 28 different member firms of Lex Mundi, an association of independent law firms, have weighed in on the topic, describing the legal framework for food supplements in force in their jurisdictions. The topic is a timely one, and exchange of information about laws in this area is intended to help member firms respond better to the legal needs of their clients.
The survey explains how food supplements are defined in each jurisdiction, whether the ingredients are subject to regulation, whether marketing of food supplements is subject to the same requirements as other food products, the specific requirements for packaging and labelling of food supplements, how to introduce a specific product onto a particular market, and the timing and costs associated with administrative procedures.
Information concerning the Polish regulations was prepared by the Life Science and Regulatory Law team at Wardyński & Partners.
The full survey is available in English at the Lex Mundi website.
A survey concerning medicinal products is now being prepared.