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Lena Marcinoska-Boulangé

Lego manikin joins Rubik’s Cube
Lego figures are a toy for all. They develop not only the imagination, but also the line of European case law. Like Rubik’s Cube, they are reversing the tide of refusal to grant trademark protection to the shapes of products.
Lego manikin joins Rubik’s Cube
How precisely should a licence for use of an industrial design be worded?
Contracts are signed expecting the worst. The provisions should be precisely formulated, particularly when a failure to be explicit can lead to application of rigid statutory provisions instead. When a dispute arises, the court’s interpretation of the parties’ intent may differ from the literal wording of the contract.
How precisely should a licence for use of an industrial design be worded?
How does a Lego brick differ from Rubik’s Cube?
They have much in common. Both of these creative toys develop dexterity, logical thinking skills and imagination. But the European Court of Justice has held that the shape of Lego bricks is determined solely by their functional characteristics, while the EU’s General Court has found the opposite to be true of the shape of Rubik’s Cube. In practice this means that a graphic presentation of a Lego brick cannot be a trademark, but a graphic presentation of Rubik’s Cube can.
How does a Lego brick differ from Rubik’s Cube?
A cookie is a cookie
It seems the OHIM register of industrial designs won’t be fattening up on baked goods anymore.
A cookie is a cookie
Pay to play?
The “War of Tanks” case reveals certain dangers in the “freemium” model for startups.
Pay to play?
Airport ground services: A new approach
In the area of ground services, there is a battle between the interests of airports, groundhandling agents, staff and consumers. Any legal changes in this field typically represent a compromise between the interests of numerous stakeholders.
Airport ground services: A new approach